Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Introducing... Pixie Lott!

This is Pixie Lott!

Pixie is a fresh and exciting talent from Essex, England. She is 17 years old and was signed by Def Jam (part of Universal Music) at just 15! She is now with Mercury Records in the UK (also part of Universal Music!), Interscope in the USA and has recently signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV Music Publishing UK!

Prior to bagging the record deal, Pixie was on a scholarship at the internationally famous "Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts". She had been studying at the academy since the age of 11 and she has described how she "loved it" there.

You may recognise Pixie from a show about the Britannia High auditions. She was brilliant and was highly commended by Gary Barlow (of Take That fame). However, due to problems with the filming schedule and her record contract/album recording, Pixie was unable to take on the role. Frankly, we should be thankful! Pixie's talents would be spoiled on such a half hearted show and not taking part allowed her to finely craft her debut album!

Speaking of the album, Pixie has been working with loads of different writers/producers and the sneak peaks suggest it's going to be incredible! She has written with globally respected producers such as Toby Gad (Beyonce & Miley Cyrus) and Phil Thornalley (Natalie Imbruglia & Brian McFadden).

List of Known Pixie Tracks:
The Fall
Cry Me Out
Mama Do
Boys & Girls
Ouch That Hurt!
No Diggity
Buff Tingaling
Get Weak
Every Girl
Perfect Goodbye
Without You
Summer Days
Goodnight, Goodbye
Hold Me In Your Arms
I Wish That I Was There

EXCLUSIVE: Fans can expect Pixie's singles to start appearing in April and the album to be released in June/July!

Thanks For Reading and Watch this Space for more Pixie Lott News!