Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pixie Lott Unofficial Album Teaser...

The Pixie Lott News YouTube has the first of many videos on it! I created a little album teaser from a few of the songs that have been on Pixie's MySpace. I know that some songs are the old versions, but it gives a good Pixie feel all the same!

Here it is...

Join Pixie's Street Team

Our favourite little Pixie now has a street team! Although it's a shame that everything is starting to be taken into the hands of big companies, we all need to join! You will get chances to promote Pixie and be rewarded with great prizes!

What are you waiting for? Click on the image below to sign up and get promoting!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mama Do Preview...

It seems that some mystery record label employee has updated Pixie's blog! Although the post is unfortunately not Pixie-fied with authentic Pixie style and flair, it gives us fans a Mama Do teaser documenting both the song and a photoshoot. It's a bit too top secret for YouTube and MySpace Video but can be simply, easily and safely downloaded.

This is the Pixie & Lionel Richie Picture from yesterday's blog, two wonderfully talented beings in one photo!! Pixie also looks incredible, what a beautiful young lady!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Pixie Blog!!

Pixie has posted a new blog on her MySpace, you can read all her gossip here! She's been rehearsing with her new band (suggesting it's not too long until she starts performing anywhere and everywhere), partying/feasting with Lionel Richie at the Brit Awards and answering some lovely interviewer's questions!

All Pixie Soldiers should be keeping an eye, and an ear, out for Pixie as the articles, pictures and songs are soon to take over the world!!

Here's a now "old" video by Toby Gad with Pixie writing a song called "Beach House" and telling her fans some fun facts...

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PixSpace Makeover!

Pixie has had a nice MySpace makeover just before Valentine's Day! I'm sure the brilliant events are in no way linked, but it's a nice subtle reminder that Valentine's Day is approaching so get your gifts now!!

The layout has a beautiful new PIXture of Pixie on (above) which hints that a few new images from "The Perch" photo shoot might start to pop up soon! It goes without saying that she looks gorgeous as usual.

On top of this lovely MySpace addition, the songs of her Space have changed yet again! Now you can hear:
  1. Mama Do - Edit
  2. Turn It Up ('The Fall')
  3. Here We Go Again ('I Wish That I Was There')
  4. My Way (If I Changed)
'My Way (If I Changed)' is a glorious song. It's a great reinforcement of her incredible talent!! Pixie, as well as all these other things, has got 1,000+ plays today... momentum is building!

Get ready to start the countdown, not long to go! Keep promoting and spreading Pixie, however tempting it is to keep the angel all to yourself!!!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pixie Updates!

Pixie has just updated her blog on MySpace to give her "peoples a little update"! The link to Pix's MySpace is to the right of this post! Anyway, the blog reads...

"I've just been blasting out adele's amazin album dancin all around the house with my toast so i am feeeelin pretty happy haha so whyy not give my peoples a little update...
wel wel wellll
now it has come to the time when we are all deciding on the tracks for the album!
it is soo damnn hard because everyone has different opinions between me, my manager and the label... there are so manyy gooduns to pick from and i am seriously attatched to them all! There isnt enough room for them all :( and i hava feelin that a few special ones wil be missed offff
danggg it! I am like so so overly excited words cannot even begin to describe the feeeeling of nearly havin it all done.. feeels so close but yet so far! I LOVE that it's one step closer to doing live shows!

also! how good is summer heights high on hbo the new comedy documentary thingy.. gets me and my pals in hysterics! WE LOVE MR.G espesh when he does his excitement quivers - but there's so many clips that are amaze!

anyways keep listening you all rock my worlddd

"a few special ones wil be missed offff" - surely I can't be the only one who thinks Pixie should release a really commercial album with about 10 or so tracks for about £10 which will go straight to number one... and then a mega music fan box edition of the same album with LOADS of tracks, a DVD of all her videos and loads of merchandise and nice Pixie artwork...?! I don't care how much it costs - I just want one!!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Age, New Song, New Dates

(Pixie with "Juke" - Jan '09)


Pix has updated her MySpace with a brand new (and brilliant) song called "I Wish That I Was There". It is possibly the most addictive song of all time. It currently has about 500 playsso... Check It Out, Keeping Playing it, Keep Spreading it! (It's not brand new, but the altered start of "Cry Me Out" is EPIC!)

Pix is to be in the Sunday Times Culture Magazine on the 1st March or 8th March. A world class talent in a world class publication!!

Pixie's first single - MAMA DO - is out on... 11th May which means her first radio plays can't be too far away!

The 17th August is the day that the world will change forever. Pixie's album is released on this very day and, I predict, will sell 800,000,000 copies in one day. Seriously, it is going to be like heaven. Apparently, there were some small disagreements over the album cover. Let's hope Pix got her way and will lure in millions with a fantastic cover!

500,000 Plays
Pixie has recently gained her 500,000 play on MySpace. It's the first half million of many, I'm sure! Well Done, Pix! :)

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