Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Age, New Song, New Dates

(Pixie with "Juke" - Jan '09)


Pix has updated her MySpace with a brand new (and brilliant) song called "I Wish That I Was There". It is possibly the most addictive song of all time. It currently has about 500 playsso... Check It Out, Keeping Playing it, Keep Spreading it! (It's not brand new, but the altered start of "Cry Me Out" is EPIC!)

Pix is to be in the Sunday Times Culture Magazine on the 1st March or 8th March. A world class talent in a world class publication!!

Pixie's first single - MAMA DO - is out on... 11th May which means her first radio plays can't be too far away!

The 17th August is the day that the world will change forever. Pixie's album is released on this very day and, I predict, will sell 800,000,000 copies in one day. Seriously, it is going to be like heaven. Apparently, there were some small disagreements over the album cover. Let's hope Pix got her way and will lure in millions with a fantastic cover!

500,000 Plays
Pixie has recently gained her 500,000 play on MySpace. It's the first half million of many, I'm sure! Well Done, Pix! :)

Thanks For Reading and Watch this Space for more Pixie Lott News!

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  1. Any chane of a copy of "I Wish That I Was There" since it's no longer on the myspace...