Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pixie Updates!

Pixie has just updated her blog on MySpace to give her "peoples a little update"! The link to Pix's MySpace is to the right of this post! Anyway, the blog reads...

"I've just been blasting out adele's amazin album dancin all around the house with my toast so i am feeeelin pretty happy haha so whyy not give my peoples a little update...
wel wel wellll
now it has come to the time when we are all deciding on the tracks for the album!
it is soo damnn hard because everyone has different opinions between me, my manager and the label... there are so manyy gooduns to pick from and i am seriously attatched to them all! There isnt enough room for them all :( and i hava feelin that a few special ones wil be missed offff
danggg it! I am like so so overly excited words cannot even begin to describe the feeeeling of nearly havin it all done.. feeels so close but yet so far! I LOVE that it's one step closer to doing live shows!

also! how good is summer heights high on hbo the new comedy documentary thingy.. gets me and my pals in hysterics! WE LOVE MR.G espesh when he does his excitement quivers - but there's so many clips that are amaze!

anyways keep listening you all rock my worlddd

"a few special ones wil be missed offff" - surely I can't be the only one who thinks Pixie should release a really commercial album with about 10 or so tracks for about £10 which will go straight to number one... and then a mega music fan box edition of the same album with LOADS of tracks, a DVD of all her videos and loads of merchandise and nice Pixie artwork...?! I don't care how much it costs - I just want one!!

Thanks For Reading and Watch this Space for more Pixie Lott News!

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