Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PixSpace Makeover!

Pixie has had a nice MySpace makeover just before Valentine's Day! I'm sure the brilliant events are in no way linked, but it's a nice subtle reminder that Valentine's Day is approaching so get your gifts now!!

The layout has a beautiful new PIXture of Pixie on (above) which hints that a few new images from "The Perch" photo shoot might start to pop up soon! It goes without saying that she looks gorgeous as usual.

On top of this lovely MySpace addition, the songs of her Space have changed yet again! Now you can hear:
  1. Mama Do - Edit
  2. Turn It Up ('The Fall')
  3. Here We Go Again ('I Wish That I Was There')
  4. My Way (If I Changed)
'My Way (If I Changed)' is a glorious song. It's a great reinforcement of her incredible talent!! Pixie, as well as all these other things, has got 1,000+ plays today... momentum is building!

Get ready to start the countdown, not long to go! Keep promoting and spreading Pixie, however tempting it is to keep the angel all to yourself!!!

Thanks For Reading and Watch this Space for more Pixie Lott News!

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